„Flower salad and Hay-flower-soup, apple juice and alpine herbal tea; my cuisine combines a regional and traditional Character with the modern curiosity for new tastes. Many shook their head when they saw the flower salad on the menu – before they sampled this specialty – afterwards they could not hold back their enthusiasm.“
Franz Mulser

On our farm Aussergost you can find a big garden replete with flowers, herbs, trees and shrubs. Everything you can think of will be turned into juice, jam, tea, chutney and many more.

In the Gostner Schwaige, our mountain hut right beneath Mt. Schlern (2.563 m), we will show you what we understand by alpine cuisine: A deep and intimate union of tradition, nature and modern ease.

To the Alpine Cuisine

Healthy farm breakfast with many products from our farm
Enjoy our homemade products that we serve according to season, harvest and availability

Let us know the day beforehand, within the hours 16:00, what time you would want to find your „Basket of the breakfast“ before your door. (from 07:30 to 10:00)

Choose different types of:

  • Home made jams
  • Home made jus form herbs and flowers
  • Home made chees
  • Home made butter
  • Home made yogurth
  • Home made ricotta (fresh chees)
  • fresh fruit and vegetables of the court depending on season
  • home-made sweets and cakes
  • home made herbs and flowers tees
  • All other products, bread, bacon,honey, sausages etc. come from other farms and cooperatives in South Tyrol

Price per person: 18 Euro


A precious memory for your home.
Or a treat for your storage shelves.

We are do-it-yourselfers. We process everything our farm has to offer, we: press, dry, pickle, steam, bake, roast and cook; and some things can be consumed fresh.

These are the results of our hard work: Syrup, fruit spreads, chutney, Cheese, tea- and flower mixtures and many, many more. Gladly we are offering the fruits of our efforts to you. You can take them with you, in order to extend your holidays or maybe to give a lovely gift or lasting pleasure to someone close to you.

We offer fresh fruit and vegetables of the court depending on season


Close to the sky.
A place to wind down and recharge your batteries, in order to continue your inner and exterior journey. Meals and drinks prepared with steady and knowing Hands and an accurate attention to the taste; the peaceful and serene mountain hut.
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Culinary delight and peace of mind
Those who do sports, like skiing or hiking, have to replenish their energies, with food, drinks and rest. Here is our winning formula: Delicious self-created dishes with self-picked flowers and herbs, self-made und served by us.
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The Power of the milk.
That’s right, we make the best cheese! Thanks to our considerable expertise, knowledge and partners: our good cows.
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Or something very like that.
„Are all flowers edible? What are those herbs? How do you do this and that? You will find the answers in our cooking classes.“
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Glinting, splendid and unique.
Your wedding in the heavens. Your Birthday at the highest plane. Your Reunion with your family, friends and companions. Celebrate whatever the occasion for celebrating – Life, Love or Friendship.
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