Culinary delight and peace of mind
Those who do sports, like skiing or hiking, have to replenish their energies, with food, drinks and rest. Here is our winning formula: Delicious self-created dishes with self-picked flowers and herbs, self-made und served by us.

Genuine flavor directly from the alpine pastures into your plate, that’s our way. And that’s how it tastes: refined, homey, exceptional and unique. High quality ingredients, naturally self-produced, and creative inspiration from the surrounding meadows constitute the base for our outstanding food.

Everything in its own time, or in other words, we use only fresh and seasonal ingredients to prepare our delicious dishes. Thankfully there are some ingredients that are available all year round, such as butter, eggs or flour, which are used to prepare “Kaiserschmarren”(shredded sweet pancakes with raisins).  The well-known “Heublütensuppe”(Soup made of hay, flowers and herbs), served in a bread crock and prepared from 15 different herbs is an absolute hit in the frosty months.

„I used to be on the way in the forests and in the mountains with my grandfather a lot, when I was little. He taught me all the edible plants. He learned it the hard way after the war, when he had to hide in the mountains. “
Franz Mulser

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